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HEDGEBOT™ takes the hard work out of yard work.

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered robot lawn mower cuts your lawn intelligently by switching between straight and circle cutting patterns - with no harmful emissions.

Make the most of the warm weather months by automating your lawn care.



To prevent theft, HEDGEBOT™ requires a key to operate and will only charge with the charging station included with each mower.

Use the included remote control to control the mower, or let it cut automatically. If tilted or lifted, it shuts down immediately.

Adjust the cutting height between one of two settings to fine tune your lawn care.



Let the mower cut with a full 82 watts of power. Once the cycle is complete (or if it detects rain), it will return to the charging station automatically.

Check and clean the blades each week to ensure maximum efficiency.

Store the mower in a cool, dry place at the end of the season.

The HEDGEBOT™ robot lawn mower is the ultimate, automated lawn companion.

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